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The Semester Is Over And I Have Learned Things And Stuff!

Finally! I know, I disappeared. Maybe it seemed like the blog had gone dead. Like I'd given up. Or forgotten.
But seriously, all of my free time was spent doing homework. So. Much. Homework.
The worst of it was the reading for the two Art History classes. I mean, I found the information interesting for the most part. But textbook reading has never been fun. It's dry, drawn out, and sometimes what others might think will be interesting for others, isn't. I learned a lot though. About art and why it is art. How art came to be viewed as art. How the Catholic church used art to fill its pots of gold and hold power and control over its starving and poor and often homeless sheep. I learned that Protestants became Protestants because they protested how the Catholic Church was running their game, religion for profit. If you pay enough your sins will be absolved. Gold was used in the art, artists and architects were paid very high fees, and the Catholic Church grew ever more rich w…

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