I'll Be Back...Very Soon

School, work, and life have become a bit overwhelming so I haven't had much time to write a blog post! Nor have I worked on much personal art. But I will share my school art soon. I'm enjoying myself! But being forced to work with gouache. Blah. I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago, when the shooting occurred. My friends and I weren't at the concert, thankfully. But, it was a surreal experience to be so close to such an event. It's always something you hear on the news, or read online, that's really far away from where you are.
For now, I'll leave you with a sneak preview of our first assignment for my colors class. Learning to use gouache properly has been (and still is) frustrating. This was part of a project to make a color scale of tints and shades of the color wheel. Yellow shade seems to give me the most grief.

Embrace It

"Embrace the glorious mess that you are." ~Elizabeth Gilbert

I can't believe August is already here. This summer seems to be going faster than usual. Normally it feels as if it will never end because it's sooooo hot and miserable. I just keep reminding myself it's loads better than snow, slush, ice, and bitter, wet, cold that sinks into your bones and won't let go.
But summer in Arizona has me feeling like a veritable shut-in. I get cabin fever and it makes me bored and restless and not a little blue.
I try to keep my mind busy by doing a lot of reading, art, video games, writing, but there comes a point where even that stuff doesn't fulfill me during those long hot summer days. It's too much energy to get all the supplies out for whatever artistic endeavor I want to attempt. Or, running the computer is a heat source that quickly raises the temperature of the area in which it is used. Reading is good, but it isn't long before my eyes begin demandi…

Birthday Painting

I have a friend.
Really! I do!
This friend LOVES everything flower related. Floral scented shower gels and lotions from Bath and Body Works are a big one. Whenever we go together, I get the "food" scented things like vanilla, coconut, cherry, lemon-and she opts for the floral spectrum. I 99% of the time can't stand the floral scents. I find them overwhelming, over perfumed, and they usually make me sneeze or my nose stuff up. She feels pretty much the same about the yummy things I go for. (But we both agree on Lemon and White Tea!) So I of course, as the wonderful friend that I am, have to give her a ton of crap. Of course, she throws it right back at me.
But her appreciation for floral goes beyond scents and into decor. Again, I am not a fan. The 70's left-thankfully. I mean, floral print everything and disco? *shudder*
This year I was trying to think of birthday gifts that are a little more personal, and a little less 'gift card off the local grocery store disp…

Pastel Madness!

I haven't forgotten this blog! I've been creating a lot lately. I'll be back soon to update and share!
Monday is here, and it was almost gone when I remembered that I had planned to update my blog today. But, I was working on art. A super secret project for one of my closest friends birthday. Her birthday is on Wednesday but I won't be giving her my creation until Saturday. So that's one new project you won't get to see today since I hope my friends at least, read this! Ha! However I will tell you it involves acrylics and my first ever REAL canvas. And let me tell you, it was a joy to work on a real canvas. Even if it was the fourth freaking time I did this specific project. *grumble, moan, grumble*
I'll share those details later.
But for now, on to the other work!
Two years ago for Christmas, my mom gave me hard pastels. I had never worked with them before. They are in stick form (in fact, I believe the label called them Color Sticks) and there…

Swimming In Creation

I haven't forgotten my blog, I swear. I see it regularly as it's saved as a tab on my Google Chrome. But I was waiting for a little more material to post. And boy, have I built up some material.
Let me start with this:
Spring is here!
Yeah, not according to the calendar. And not according to some states on the east coast and in the midwest but you know what? I don't live there. Here in Arizona it is glorious windows open weather. I love this time of year. Spring and Fall are my seasons. I become so much more productive and creative. In the winter, I'm too cold to really get into things. Even with a heater running, my fingers and toes are always cold. It's better to curl up with good books.
And summer? Forget that. You go outside and fry. Ok, I'm exaggerating a little but it is more difficult to get out and enjoy things when you risk heat exhaustion by over-exerting yourself, or skin cancer if you don't cover yourself with goop every 30-60 minutes, wear a hat, w…

Learning My Way

Acrylic. There's something so satisfying about mixing up the piles of acrylic paint and making fun new colors out of them. Maybe it takes me back to the days of finger paints. I find myself almost mesmerized as I brush the paint onto the canvas and watch the colors blend in ways I hadn't anticipated. It almost never works as I see it in my mind, but, that's ok. Because what comes out is what's meant to be, I think.
It's fascinating to see the different effects I can obtain by using different brushes, or palette knives. Those are especially fun. It's a bit like I'm frosting a cake.
And the more I play with it, the more I learn. The more comfortable I become. And the more I feel my creativity growing and expanding.
I want to try my hand at oils. But, the cost, the chemicals, the cleanup...I'd rather do that when I have a more dedicated space to my art. In the meantime, I'll just keep plugging away at my acrylic and watercolors.
I have some wonderfully…

Creation Implementation

My new year has begun quite well. At least on the creative front. And the area of being healthier is doing well-maybe could be doing better. But, it's so cold here right now it's difficult to want to do much more than curl up under the covers and binge Netflix all day.
The world is going mad but I'm not going to get into that here. It's not a political blog. It's a blog for creation and writing. A way to share these things with the handful of readers and create a place for myself to stretch those muscles. And escape.
The writing has been slow. Again, I blame the cold. My fingers become so cold this time of year, that the last thing I want to do is type. Painting and drawing are different. I can curl up in my comfy chair, pull my art table right over the arms of that chair, my Supernatural blanket over my lap, and create. But writing is more exposed and cold, sitting at my desk in the less than comfortable desk chair. I can't handle it for very long this time of …