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Perspective in Painting

Back at the end of October I was shopping with a friend. Every year starting in November, she begins this long tradition that I'm sure many people do. But hers is a sight to behold once it's finished. She puts up her Christmas village. It's very large. While we were shopping in Michael's she told me that she had been looking on Amazon for a backdrop to go behind her village. But it was very basic and was about $50. Jokingly, I said I could probably paint a backdrop for her.
Keep in mind my painting experience and skills are limited. I've dabbled with acrylic and had pretty good success with watercolor. But this would be a completely different level.
My friend took me at my word and I suddenly found myself conscripted to paint a backdrop for her.
I wasn't sure how to go about this. I mean, I've never done anything like it before. But ever the problem solver, I thought about it for a while, did some research, and considered my options. I wanted it lightweight en…

A Record-Breaking Challenge

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Tonight I wrote about a subject I never thought I would: Zombies. I am NOT a zombie fan. It never appealed to me before the whole Walking Dead craze, and it still doesn't. I think it's one of the dumbest horror movie tropes. But that's my opinion. And everyone is free to have their own. I have friends that LOVE TWD. More power to them. But when each season is done, I'm happy to see it fade from my Facebook newsfeed. Not even the addition of Jeffery Dean Morgan (John Winchester FOREVER!) can pull me into the inane fad. Maybe someday I'll check it out, when there's nothing else available on Netflix.  But, what was my point? Oh, yes, I wrote about zombies today in an attempt to create the worlds longest book. How? This is how. 
And here's the final result of my part of this great work:
Zombie Apocalypse Diary Entry-Day One

It'll be interesting to see the final results of this attempt at breaking a record. 

Back to Business

Now that the retail hell of Black Friday is over, I can relax a little and get back to writing. My final NaNo word count wasn't impressive. But I still got a lot of writing done that I might (probably would) not have without the challenge of NaNoWriMo.
But a drive home from work the other day, had me developing another story. I'm aiming for short story on this one, and at the moment, it's loudest in my brain so it's being written while the other is being placed on the back burner.
I spent Monday being lazy and trying to recover a little from the previous week/weekend of work. Then Tuesday I spent with a friend and did a little Christmas shopping for this years Christmas Angel program, and then we got pedicures and went back to my place for gingerbread house decorating and Gilmore Girls bingeing (or is that binging?) Once again, I was lazy yesterday but my brain was working in earnest at this point, trying to suss out some of the details of this short story. And then to…

Hectic and Harried

I work retail. In America. So I'm coming up on one of the busiest times of the year in terms of work. My writing has taken a back seat. It makes me sad that #NaNoWriMo is in November. It would be a lot easier if it were in January or February. I guess NaJaWriMo or NaFeWriMo doesn't have quite the same ring to it though.
So yesterday I took to to take part in the challenge for week 49. The challenge specifics were to let this sentence inspire our writing; "We are all broken." It took me a little bit to finish this one. I had it written, then realized I was 6 words short of meeting the challenge. Frustrating. I liked it the way it was. But, the point is to be challenged.
It hasn't received any love yet. This too, makes me sad. I quite like the poem. I hope you do too!


Reading Is the Greatest Escape

This morning I sat on the porch swing and I finished a book. I wanted to escape a little, from the constant barrage of both sides of the election and the poison they are all flinging. I have thoughts, I have emotions, and I have a desire to work for change. As a writer, as an artist, as a friend, as a human being--I feel that I have to do some part in working for change. I haven't yet figured that out. It's difficult, as I feel very lost in my own life. I had a definite plan this year, and I put so very much work into it, and it was snuffed like a simple little flame. But I realized something; I had no one but myself to stand for me. The one person that SHOULD have been my champion, sat silent, avoiding looking me in the eye the entire time.
So, I can start by declaring, my friends, my family, those that are deemed different in the eyes of the world, man, woman, LGBTQ, those labeled geeks, no matter skin color or part of the world you were born in, differently abled, emotional…
Day 8 of NaNoWriMo2016 and I have hit 10,000 words!
I lost my steam last week as I became busy, only finding a little time on Saturday to squeeze out a little over 200 words.
But today I declared a moratorium from the internet-social media in particular-to avoid the constant barrage of election this, and election that. Don't worry, I did my civic duty and voted. But, I'm still sick of seeing it everywhere and I know today it will be like the internet threw up ELECTION all over the place.
So instead, I sat down and wrote to make up for lost time. My final word count for today is 3,075!

Here's a small Excerpt from Episode 3:

“Where’d you get all the money, Ruby?” Jett didn’t want to let it go or put it away.
“Life, Jett,” Ruby replied in exasperation, “Working. Tomorrow, I promise full disclosure. I think we all need one night to just relax and not worry about running for our lives or someone else being hurt and nearly dying.”
She watched Jett as he pressed his lips together…

NaNoWriMo Day Two

Episode Two is D.O.N.E. DONE!

Word count-2,903.


“Look, the fact is you knew Alex. The fact is you have nowhere to go now. You need us.”
He snorted at the last line.
“I don’t need anyone.”
“You moron. They’ll be after you now too. They’re rounding all of you up.”
Her emphasis on the word “you” pissed Jett off.
“Damn it! I don’t know what the hell you are talking about!”
“Bull shit!” Ruby slammed the breaks, kicking up dust with the tires. It swirled around the truck, enveloping them in a brown cloud.
Jett tossed the basket aside and got out of the truck. It wasn’t a smart move as it caused him great pain but he didn’t care. How his world had turned upside down in less than forty-eight hours mystified and angered him.
Inside the truck, Ruby told Donny to stay where he was. He nodded his understanding and Ruby hopped down and circled around to the passenger side of the truck where she leaned against the door. Jett was walking away, out into the sand dunes. She knew he wouldn’t go …

New Prose Challenge

I took a little time out from #NaNoWriMo2016 to meet the Challenge of the Week #47 from The Prose. This challenge was to write the ugliest micropoem you could. Limited to 30 words, I had to work it around a couple times until I had it whittled down to something I liked.


Body Pile
Day one of #NaNoWriMo2016 is done for me.
Total word count: 4094
Go me!
Excerpt posted to NaNoWriMo

Excerpt “Damn.”
Ruby was looking at him, wide-eyed.
“Did you mean to blow up your house?”
“Yeah, I did. I just remembered something.”
“I still had a bottle of beer left.”
“Get us out of this and I’ll buy you all the homemade swill that you want! We’ve still got UAV’s!”
Jett was aware, he could finally hear their approach. Two appeared in the close distance. He wondered just who it was that was looking down on them from the on-board camera. Saying nothing, he lifted the rocket launcher to his shoulder again. He’d loaded it while Ruby was yelling at him about beer.
The moonlight was just enough to light the small objects flying overhead. Both were coming from the direction of the village. He judged he would only have time enough to take one out before the second was upon them.
“Ruby, get in the cabin with Donny.”
She eyeballed him a moment considering his demand, and then finally …

NaNoWriMo Is Here

It's NaNoWriMo!
The time of year has come, where writers of all ages and genres, sign up to commit and push themselves to begin a novel, finish a novel, edit a get the idea.
A couple years ago, I finished a novel during the event. Sadly, that novel is still in the editing and revision process. Though I've almost finished, it's my least favorite part of writing. And as I'm editing, I'm realizing that I feel that I will need to rewrite essentially the whole story. Tear it down to the bare bones and build it up again. But, that's the whole purpose of a first draft. You sit, you write whatever your brain regurgitates, and then from that you pick and choose and rebuild it. Better. Stronger.

I considered for a moment using NaNoWriMo to finish editing and begin the story again. However, there's another one that's been floating around my head for a while and knocking on the door. I started it some time ago, in pencil, in a journal with a certain app…

Prose Challenge

I submitted some new work to a contest today. I'm feeling good about this creative drive I have lately. It's partly due to the fact that if I stop doing something, I might start to think again. And I don't want to think any more. My brain hurts. My emotions were too raw and found their way to the surface last week. I'm not one of those people that likes having those kinds of emotions. I mean, I know most don't but, it's especially uncomfortable for someone like me.
I dislike feeling out of control of things in particular. When decisions about my life and future are in someone else's hands, it sucks. So, creation helps me to deal. Like reading helps me to escape. I've been doing a lot of both lately.
It will get better.
In the mean time, please, enjoy my short story. Hopefully it entertains you!

A work of fictional prose, written and submitted for competition at theprose.comThem

Book Review-Morning Star by Pierce Brown

Today I've reviewed the book Morning Star by Pierce Brown. This is the third book in the Red Rising trilogy and it does not disappoint! If you enjoy science fiction, fantasy, futuristic type books, pick up Red Rising!
Review of Morning Star-Third book in the Red Rising Trilogy
Next on my list is Uninvited by Jamie Wyman. This is the third book in the series Etudes in C#,preceded by Wildcard and Unveiled.

Autumn in Watercolor

A greeting is awesome. It's a great way to introduce oneself. And while I think it's important to leave it near the top for a while, I feel it's equally important to begin posting a small sample of my work as well. So, to start with, I'm offering the last thing I painted for your viewing pleasure.


Some time ago, when I was taking a writing course, my teacher encouraged us all to begin a writing blog. I did, but I never kept up with it. Mostly because I was scared to share my writing. Especially with people that actually know who I am.  But life is funny, sometimes messy and heartbreaking, and when you try new things, you don't always succeed at them. I recently failed at something into which I put a lot of time and money. And as my mind circled over and over, on how I could have done something different, I realized that the problem didn't really fall on me. When I screw up, I own up to it. It's how I was raised and it's how I try to live my life. It wasn't my fault.  But as my brain continued to over-think the situation, I realized something that I think I already knew; my heart truly lies with writing, reading, art. These are the things I want to immerse myself in. And I also understood that in order to do that, I would have to start putting myself out the…

Under Construction

Please excuse my eraser dust as I develop my blog. Stay tuned for writings, book reviews, musings, art, and well, anything else that might find its way here.