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Prose Challenge

I submitted some new work to a contest today. I'm feeling good about this creative drive I have lately. It's partly due to the fact that if I stop doing something, I might start to think again. And I don't want to think any more. My brain hurts. My emotions were too raw and found their way to the surface last week. I'm not one of those people that likes having those kinds of emotions. I mean, I know most don't but, it's especially uncomfortable for someone like me.
I dislike feeling out of control of things in particular. When decisions about my life and future are in someone else's hands, it sucks. So, creation helps me to deal. Like reading helps me to escape. I've been doing a lot of both lately.
It will get better.
In the mean time, please, enjoy my short story. Hopefully it entertains you!

A work of fictional prose, written and submitted for competition at theprose.comThem

Book Review-Morning Star by Pierce Brown

Today I've reviewed the book Morning Star by Pierce Brown. This is the third book in the Red Rising trilogy and it does not disappoint! If you enjoy science fiction, fantasy, futuristic type books, pick up Red Rising!
Review of Morning Star-Third book in the Red Rising Trilogy
Next on my list is Uninvited by Jamie Wyman. This is the third book in the series Etudes in C#,preceded by Wildcard and Unveiled.

Autumn in Watercolor

A greeting is awesome. It's a great way to introduce oneself. And while I think it's important to leave it near the top for a while, I feel it's equally important to begin posting a small sample of my work as well. So, to start with, I'm offering the last thing I painted for your viewing pleasure.


Some time ago, when I was taking a writing course, my teacher encouraged us all to begin a writing blog. I did, but I never kept up with it. Mostly because I was scared to share my writing. Especially with people that actually know who I am.  But life is funny, sometimes messy and heartbreaking, and when you try new things, you don't always succeed at them. I recently failed at something into which I put a lot of time and money. And as my mind circled over and over, on how I could have done something different, I realized that the problem didn't really fall on me. When I screw up, I own up to it. It's how I was raised and it's how I try to live my life. It wasn't my fault.  But as my brain continued to over-think the situation, I realized something that I think I already knew; my heart truly lies with writing, reading, art. These are the things I want to immerse myself in. And I also understood that in order to do that, I would have to start putting myself out the…

Under Construction

Please excuse my eraser dust as I develop my blog. Stay tuned for writings, book reviews, musings, art, and well, anything else that might find its way here.