Day 8 of NaNoWriMo2016 and I have hit 10,000 words!
I lost my steam last week as I became busy, only finding a little time on Saturday to squeeze out a little over 200 words.
But today I declared a moratorium from the internet-social media in particular-to avoid the constant barrage of election this, and election that. Don't worry, I did my civic duty and voted. But, I'm still sick of seeing it everywhere and I know today it will be like the internet threw up ELECTION all over the place.
So instead, I sat down and wrote to make up for lost time. My final word count for today is 3,075!

Here's a small Excerpt from Episode 3:

“Where’d you get all the money, Ruby?” Jett didn’t want to let it go or put it away.
“Life, Jett,” Ruby replied in exasperation, “Working. Tomorrow, I promise full disclosure. I think we all need one night to just relax and not worry about running for our lives or someone else being hurt and nearly dying.”
She watched Jett as he pressed his lips together and considered her request. She could see his desire to force the answers from her but was relieved when he simply nodded once, to indicate he was willing to let it go, for now. She could see he was worn out and tired, and knew he wasn’t at full strength yet. Guilt chewed at her insides. She believed if she had not gone there, Donny would still have his home and family, and Jett would still be safely off-grid.
Donny appeared from his room just as the door chimed through the suite.
“Miss Evans, dinner is at the door.”
“Dinner? All right!” Donny licked his lips and rubbed his stomach.
Ruby opened the door and directed the delivery people to the kitchen. They laid the meal out and then left Ruby, Donny and Jett to it.
“I figured after the past few days we’ve all had, we could use a load of comfort food to fill our stomachs and refuel our systems.”
Donny’s eyes bugged out of his head at the sight of the spread on the table before him. Even Jett was being careful not to let too much emotion show. Jett hadn’t seen this much food since he was a child.
“I just ordered anything I could think of. And, most of it is natural and organic ingredients. The building has its own garden and small farm.”
Jett balked at this.
“Don’t worry, Jett. Miss Regina Evans is loaded. Now, eat up, boys!”
For an hour they dug into their plates of food as they reloaded them with mashed potatoes, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, fresh vegetables, pizza-making sure they sampled everything. The talked of normal every day things, answering Donny’s numerous questions about Denver and big-city living. The things they needed to discuss were tabled for the night as the servers stood by, ready to clear the table and bring out dessert.
The dessert options were smaller in size but just as numerous in quantity. Chocolate cake, peach pie, three different kinds of cookies, and ice cream were offered. The three of them laughed as they chose to forgo decorum and dug into the items in the center of the table with their forks and spoons.
Finally, the table cleared and the servers gone, they retired to the living room to relax and digest the copious amounts of food they had inhaled. They pretended, for one night, that they were just a happy family, drunk on too much food while they watched the latest movies. Hours later, they each stumbled off to their own beds.


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