Day one of #NaNoWriMo2016 is done for me.
Total word count: 4094
Go me!
Excerpt posted to NaNoWriMo


Ruby was looking at him, wide-eyed.
“Did you mean to blow up your house?”
“Yeah, I did. I just remembered something.”
“I still had a bottle of beer left.”
“Get us out of this and I’ll buy you all the homemade swill that you want! We’ve still got UAV’s!”
Jett was aware, he could finally hear their approach. Two appeared in the close distance. He wondered just who it was that was looking down on them from the on-board camera. Saying nothing, he lifted the rocket launcher to his shoulder again. He’d loaded it while Ruby was yelling at him about beer.
The moonlight was just enough to light the small objects flying overhead. Both were coming from the direction of the village. He judged he would only have time enough to take one out before the second was upon them.
“Ruby, get in the cabin with Donny.”
She eyeballed him a moment considering his demand, and then finally moved to join Donny, but standing just inside the door.
This time, Jett used the sight on the Mark 13 to line up his shot. He made a few adjustments in his positioning, corrected his aim, and squeezed the trigger. Without waiting to see if it would hit its target, Jett shifted focus to the second UAV. He already had the second round in his hand and was loading it into the launcher when the second UAV closed the gap. The night sky lit up momentarily with the bright explosion of the first UAV and Jett used that to his advantage. Hoping the operator was temporarily blinded, Jett lined the second shot up and squeezed the trigger as a line of ammunition tore into the boat beside him. Seconds later, the second UAV was blown from the sky.
Ruby stepped in front of him.
“You’re really something with that.”
“I had a lot of practice.”
He looked down to inspect the boat. There were some holes in her sides and one in the bottom. He got up and went to the cabin. When he returned he had a can of military grade seal and repair water-tight spray foam in his hands. He placed the small tube into the nozzle, and then pointed it at the hole in the bottom of the boat which was currently letting in a steady flow of water. He watched as the foam flowed, expanding to fill the hole, then hardened. The water stopped at once. When he moved to do the holes in the side, a sharp jolt of pain coursed down his arm causing him to drop the can. When he looked down, he saw that there was a hole in the fabric of his vest at the right shoulder.
“What now? Did you just remember you had one more joint left to go with that beer?”
“Nope. I just realized that I’ve been shot.”


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