NaNoWriMo Day Two

Episode Two is D.O.N.E. DONE!

Word count-2,903.


“Look, the fact is you knew Alex. The fact is you have nowhere to go now. You need us.”
He snorted at the last line.
“I don’t need anyone.”
“You moron. They’ll be after you now too. They’re rounding all of you up.”
Her emphasis on the word “you” pissed Jett off.
“Damn it! I don’t know what the hell you are talking about!”
“Bull shit!” Ruby slammed the breaks, kicking up dust with the tires. It swirled around the truck, enveloping them in a brown cloud.
Jett tossed the basket aside and got out of the truck. It wasn’t a smart move as it caused him great pain but he didn’t care. How his world had turned upside down in less than forty-eight hours mystified and angered him.
Inside the truck, Ruby told Donny to stay where he was. He nodded his understanding and Ruby hopped down and circled around to the passenger side of the truck where she leaned against the door. Jett was walking away, out into the sand dunes. She knew he wouldn’t go far but she could see he was hurting. It was his own stupid fault, at least, she told herself that. She watched as he tried to lift his right hand into the air to run his fingers through his hair and then heard him yelp and swear from the pain that move caused. She stifled a laugh as he kicked a rock and pulled her face into a slightly bored expression when he finally turned around and began stalking back toward the truck.
She considered a biting reply but then shrugged her shoulders.”
“You were in the Corps with Alex. He used to write to me, abut his buddy. But since the Corps is so “secret society hush hush”, I never knew your name.
Jett leaned against the truck, next to Ruby. She looked at him from the corner of her eye. Sweat was pouring down his face. She didn’t say anything.
“He told me he had a girl. The “Love of his life” as he called her. Told me she was soft, sweet, loving. But that she had a mean right-cross. I find it difficult to believe he had been describing you.”
He expected her to become angry and defensive but she just stood there, staring at a stone on the ground.
“Do you know how he died, Jett?”
“No. I never was able to find that out. I kept myself as off the radar as I could. Information was difficult to get. I know they gave Donny and his family some bullshit story.”
“They got him. The Corps.”


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