Reading Is the Greatest Escape

This morning I sat on the porch swing and I finished a book. I wanted to escape a little, from the constant barrage of both sides of the election and the poison they are all flinging. I have thoughts, I have emotions, and I have a desire to work for change. As a writer, as an artist, as a friend, as a human being--I feel that I have to do some part in working for change. I haven't yet figured that out. It's difficult, as I feel very lost in my own life. I had a definite plan this year, and I put so very much work into it, and it was snuffed like a simple little flame. But I realized something; I had no one but myself to stand for me. The one person that SHOULD have been my champion, sat silent, avoiding looking me in the eye the entire time.
So, I can start by declaring, my friends, my family, those that are deemed different in the eyes of the world, man, woman, LGBTQ, those labeled geeks, no matter skin color or part of the world you were born in, differently abled, emotionally, physically, or mentally (and anything I may be forgetting at the moment) I will stand for you and support you.  I am an American. My parents are American. I am the daughter, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend of veterans and those currently serving. Those that fight for our rights to live and exist FREE from oppression. I was taught to respect everyone, to include everyone, to love all. Don't let this miasma of hate that is hovering, suffocate us all.

So, I hadn't intended on writing this. Not yet. I was letting it ruminate. But it came out. I guess it needed to.

My original purpose for today's post was to share my review of Uninvited by Jamie Wyman. But, I think it may have been this book that helped me put my thoughts together. Read the review to see why. And then go buy the book if you haven't already. (Start with Wild Card though!)


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