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Perspective in Painting

Back at the end of October I was shopping with a friend. Every year starting in November, she begins this long tradition that I'm sure many people do. But hers is a sight to behold once it's finished. She puts up her Christmas village. It's very large. While we were shopping in Michael's she told me that she had been looking on Amazon for a backdrop to go behind her village. But it was very basic and was about $50. Jokingly, I said I could probably paint a backdrop for her.
Keep in mind my painting experience and skills are limited. I've dabbled with acrylic and had pretty good success with watercolor. But this would be a completely different level.
My friend took me at my word and I suddenly found myself conscripted to paint a backdrop for her.
I wasn't sure how to go about this. I mean, I've never done anything like it before. But ever the problem solver, I thought about it for a while, did some research, and considered my options. I wanted it lightweight en…

A Record-Breaking Challenge

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Tonight I wrote about a subject I never thought I would: Zombies. I am NOT a zombie fan. It never appealed to me before the whole Walking Dead craze, and it still doesn't. I think it's one of the dumbest horror movie tropes. But that's my opinion. And everyone is free to have their own. I have friends that LOVE TWD. More power to them. But when each season is done, I'm happy to see it fade from my Facebook newsfeed. Not even the addition of Jeffery Dean Morgan (John Winchester FOREVER!) can pull me into the inane fad. Maybe someday I'll check it out, when there's nothing else available on Netflix.  But, what was my point? Oh, yes, I wrote about zombies today in an attempt to create the worlds longest book. How? This is how. 
And here's the final result of my part of this great work:
Zombie Apocalypse Diary Entry-Day One

It'll be interesting to see the final results of this attempt at breaking a record. 

Back to Business

Now that the retail hell of Black Friday is over, I can relax a little and get back to writing. My final NaNo word count wasn't impressive. But I still got a lot of writing done that I might (probably would) not have without the challenge of NaNoWriMo.
But a drive home from work the other day, had me developing another story. I'm aiming for short story on this one, and at the moment, it's loudest in my brain so it's being written while the other is being placed on the back burner.
I spent Monday being lazy and trying to recover a little from the previous week/weekend of work. Then Tuesday I spent with a friend and did a little Christmas shopping for this years Christmas Angel program, and then we got pedicures and went back to my place for gingerbread house decorating and Gilmore Girls bingeing (or is that binging?) Once again, I was lazy yesterday but my brain was working in earnest at this point, trying to suss out some of the details of this short story. And then to…