A Record-Breaking Challenge

Tonight I wrote about a subject I never thought I would: Zombies. I am NOT a zombie fan. It never appealed to me before the whole Walking Dead craze, and it still doesn't. I think it's one of the dumbest horror movie tropes. But that's my opinion. And everyone is free to have their own. I have friends that LOVE TWD. More power to them. But when each season is done, I'm happy to see it fade from my Facebook newsfeed. Not even the addition of Jeffery Dean Morgan (John Winchester FOREVER!) can pull me into the inane fad. Maybe someday I'll check it out, when there's nothing else available on Netflix. 
But, what was my point? Oh, yes, I wrote about zombies today in an attempt to create the worlds longest book. How? This is how. 

And here's the final result of my part of this great work:

It'll be interesting to see the final results of this attempt at breaking a record. 


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