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Creation Implementation

My new year has begun quite well. At least on the creative front. And the area of being healthier is doing well-maybe could be doing better. But, it's so cold here right now it's difficult to want to do much more than curl up under the covers and binge Netflix all day.
The world is going mad but I'm not going to get into that here. It's not a political blog. It's a blog for creation and writing. A way to share these things with the handful of readers and create a place for myself to stretch those muscles. And escape.
The writing has been slow. Again, I blame the cold. My fingers become so cold this time of year, that the last thing I want to do is type. Painting and drawing are different. I can curl up in my comfy chair, pull my art table right over the arms of that chair, my Supernatural blanket over my lap, and create. But writing is more exposed and cold, sitting at my desk in the less than comfortable desk chair. I can't handle it for very long this time of …

Looking Forward, Not Backward

A new year has been rung in. I hope my few readers enjoyed how they spent their new years eve. I myself spent it in bed, sleeping, since I had to work so early on Sunday morning. So I just rang mine in with the ball drop from Times Square. Since a lot of my family is east coast based I just decided I'd celebrate with them.
So tell me, do you do resolutions? I do, though I stopped calling them that a few years ago. Instead I prefer to look at them as changes to how I do things. For example: I've decided to cut way down on soda. After things went to hell with my externship and I was "terminated" from the program, I started eating and drinking whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I called it a "Fuck It" attitude. And with the holidays, all the good food was easily available. Often for free at work. You bet I took advantage of that.
Am I going to never drink soda again? No. I'm sorry but I enjoy a cola with my pizza. Or a soda and popcorn when I go to the …