Creation Implementation

My new year has begun quite well. At least on the creative front. And the area of being healthier is doing well-maybe could be doing better. But, it's so cold here right now it's difficult to want to do much more than curl up under the covers and binge Netflix all day.
The world is going mad but I'm not going to get into that here. It's not a political blog. It's a blog for creation and writing. A way to share these things with the handful of readers and create a place for myself to stretch those muscles. And escape.
The writing has been slow. Again, I blame the cold. My fingers become so cold this time of year, that the last thing I want to do is type. Painting and drawing are different. I can curl up in my comfy chair, pull my art table right over the arms of that chair, my Supernatural blanket over my lap, and create. But writing is more exposed and cold, sitting at my desk in the less than comfortable desk chair. I can't handle it for very long this time of year.
Oh how I miss warm sunshine and comfortable days where the shade feels nice. Still, I'd rather the over 100 degree temperatures hold off for as long as possible.
Last week I did a little drawing. I have this giant Warner Brother's book that I hadn't looked at in a long time. So I pulled it out and decided to pick an image to draw. I'd share it but I'm not sure how that would work with copyright law and all that. "Narf!" 😉

I also worked on a new stained glass watercolor. I drew it freehand first, using gray watercolor pencil, then I filled it in with Reeve's watercolor paints, added some of those US Artquest Jewelz Mica watercolor paints to give it some shimmer in areas, and a few touches of gouache. When I was finished, I found myself hesitating to draw the black lines denoting the glass pieces. I felt it would be too harsh for the coloring of my painting. My mom, suggested silver. Of course I didn't have an acid free archival silver marker so that meant I had to go to Michael's. Break my heart.
But you know what? Her suggestion was spot-on. It balances so well with the colors in the painting.
The images were photographed with my sadly out-of-date phone. So the colors are washed out. But at least you can get an idea.
The first one is the painting prior to the lines being done.


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