Looking Forward, Not Backward

A new year has been rung in. I hope my few readers enjoyed how they spent their new years eve. I myself spent it in bed, sleeping, since I had to work so early on Sunday morning. So I just rang mine in with the ball drop from Times Square. Since a lot of my family is east coast based I just decided I'd celebrate with them.
So tell me, do you do resolutions? I do, though I stopped calling them that a few years ago. Instead I prefer to look at them as changes to how I do things. For example: I've decided to cut way down on soda. After things went to hell with my externship and I was "terminated" from the program, I started eating and drinking whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I called it a "Fuck It" attitude. And with the holidays, all the good food was easily available. Often for free at work. You bet I took advantage of that.
Am I going to never drink soda again? No. I'm sorry but I enjoy a cola with my pizza. Or a soda and popcorn when I go to the movies. I also plan to work in a little more movement. Exercise. When it warms up a little I desire to do that outside in nature.

Another thing I've decided to do is finish getting organized. My art table. Man, I'm in love. I mean, it just makes me drool with desire to create at it. This leads into another desire to create more art. The blue drawer storage and the matching piece to the left were purchased at Michael's for a song. I went in thinking I was going to get one of those more expensive heavy wooden things but, it was just too large and cumbersome for what I wanted. I wanted something I could easily move, so that when I need to spread out or angle the table top, I could move it. It holds all the little bits and pieces I use in my various projects and works well with my existing decor. Then I just attached new decorative paper to the cork on the wall (and added one more to even it up) and picked up on more photo box to store my tubes of paint and I have an area dedicated to arts and crafts and my creativity.

Drawing. Painting. The painting is something I really want to do more of. After working on that backdrop for my friend at Christmas it has my muse eager to do more. But I need to stock up on a little more acrylic paint and a few more colors. I purchased a lot of green, white, gray, and blue so I need some red, orange, and yellow to round out my color palette. I've begun pinning on Pinterest to a new board. It's called Colors. These pins of color palettes began popping up in my feed and I just had to start pinning them. They inspire me. And I'm loving seeing colors placed together visually. I might attempt to start painting with some of these images.

And of course, there is the one thing that's always on my list at the beginning of each new year. Writing. To do more of it. Today I got a good start when I wrote another chapter in the new short story I'm working on. A total of 1,589 words. Here is a small excerpt:
She walks to the side of the room and picks something up from a table. Tom moves to the center of the room, where two tables sit surrounded by machines with various wires and tubes running from them to unmoving forms on the tables. Gladys hands Tom the item she is carrying, and together they unfold it to reveal a heavy duty tarp. They spread it beside the tables, and then begin unhooking the machines and tubes. Prisoners of their own bodies, Molly and Dan watch in horror as Tom and Gladys work together to push the first form off the table and onto the tarp. Their stomachs roll and threaten to make them ill as the emaciated body of a man tumbles to the ground. A slight groan escapes from him as he lands.
“We left these two hooked up much longer than we should have. They’re like living corpses,” Tom says.
“I agree. This time, let’s not wait as long. We knew we were pushing the limits but it’s much too risky. If we lose the sources before we find replacements, we’ll be too weak to replenish this way. And we’ll have to return to the old way of doing it. It will take too many to regain our strength enough to begin this again.”
As they speak they push the second form onto the tarp to land on top of the first. This form is that of a woman. There is even less life to her than the other one, and she makes no sound as her face smacks the hard rock floor beneath the tarp.

In addition to these things, I need to rip my CD collection onto my PC so that I can have digital copies of my music. I started yesterday and have come across music I'd forgotten I had. I've also rediscovered some I haven't listened to in a long time. Such as George Michael's Older. May that talented man rest in peace.
And then there's the photos. I have folders on my PC of things that have been needed to be sorted and organized for a few years now. And I just dumped last years SD card into another folder. *sigh* That I'm not looking forward to doing. In addition to that, I want to begin scanning my physical photographs in albums and boxes and making digital copies of them to share with family and friends. That's an undertaking that I'll enjoy the results of more than the mechanics of scanning each and every photograph.

So, I have my work cut out for me this year. (Because I'm also considering returning to school to finish my Associates and take art and writing classes! Eek! As well as trying to find a new job.) One things for sure, I won't be bored!


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