Learning My Way

Acrylic. There's something so satisfying about mixing up the piles of acrylic paint and making fun new colors out of them. Maybe it takes me back to the days of finger paints. I find myself almost mesmerized as I brush the paint onto the canvas and watch the colors blend in ways I hadn't anticipated. It almost never works as I see it in my mind, but, that's ok. Because what comes out is what's meant to be, I think.
It's fascinating to see the different effects I can obtain by using different brushes, or palette knives. Those are especially fun. It's a bit like I'm frosting a cake.
And the more I play with it, the more I learn. The more comfortable I become. And the more I feel my creativity growing and expanding.
I want to try my hand at oils. But, the cost, the chemicals, the cleanup...I'd rather do that when I have a more dedicated space to my art. In the meantime, I'll just keep plugging away at my acrylic and watercolors.
I have some wonderfully talented friends. And they have their talents in all areas of life. There are photographers, some are writers, some are great bakers, others draw, knit, crochet. My most recent work of art was birthed by a photograph taken by one of my closest friends.

Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park, California
by Tonia Kennon
This presented a new challenge for me in that I wanted the sand in the foreground to retain a bit of that texture. I used a brush to paint the sky and the mountains. The reflection in the water wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I wanted it to be an exact copy that I would blur. But I found myself confused when trying to mirror the images! But I did my best in hopes that the idea was there, at least.
With the sand, I mixed colors to try and obtain a "sand" color. Then I made a slightly darker version and I used a palette knife to lay the sand on the canvas. What I created wasn't an exact replica but I quickly found the sand to be my favorite aspect of the painting.
My sky didn't blend as well as I would have liked-the paint was drying particularly fast that day. So I had to go back and attempt to add in some of that lighter white/blue shade just between and above that mountain to the right.
In the end, I'm pleased with it. It's something that challenged me and stretched my creative muscle. And I learned new things as I painted.

Acrylic on canvas panel, 11x14 February 7, 0217 M. Lyon

Acrylic on canvas panel, 11x14 February 7, 0217 M. Lyon
I finally got a new cell phone so I can take much better pictures. That being said, keep in mind that photographs do not represent the best view of the art work. 


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