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Swimming In Creation

I haven't forgotten my blog, I swear. I see it regularly as it's saved as a tab on my Google Chrome. But I was waiting for a little more material to post. And boy, have I built up some material.
Let me start with this:
Spring is here!
Yeah, not according to the calendar. And not according to some states on the east coast and in the midwest but you know what? I don't live there. Here in Arizona it is glorious windows open weather. I love this time of year. Spring and Fall are my seasons. I become so much more productive and creative. In the winter, I'm too cold to really get into things. Even with a heater running, my fingers and toes are always cold. It's better to curl up with good books.
And summer? Forget that. You go outside and fry. Ok, I'm exaggerating a little but it is more difficult to get out and enjoy things when you risk heat exhaustion by over-exerting yourself, or skin cancer if you don't cover yourself with goop every 30-60 minutes, wear a hat, w…