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Pastel Madness!

I haven't forgotten this blog! I've been creating a lot lately. I'll be back soon to update and share!
Monday is here, and it was almost gone when I remembered that I had planned to update my blog today. But, I was working on art. A super secret project for one of my closest friends birthday. Her birthday is on Wednesday but I won't be giving her my creation until Saturday. So that's one new project you won't get to see today since I hope my friends at least, read this! Ha! However I will tell you it involves acrylics and my first ever REAL canvas. And let me tell you, it was a joy to work on a real canvas. Even if it was the fourth freaking time I did this specific project. *grumble, moan, grumble*
I'll share those details later.
But for now, on to the other work!
Two years ago for Christmas, my mom gave me hard pastels. I had never worked with them before. They are in stick form (in fact, I believe the label called them Color Sticks) and there…