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Birthday Painting

I have a friend.
Really! I do!
This friend LOVES everything flower related. Floral scented shower gels and lotions from Bath and Body Works are a big one. Whenever we go together, I get the "food" scented things like vanilla, coconut, cherry, lemon-and she opts for the floral spectrum. I 99% of the time can't stand the floral scents. I find them overwhelming, over perfumed, and they usually make me sneeze or my nose stuff up. She feels pretty much the same about the yummy things I go for. (But we both agree on Lemon and White Tea!) So I of course, as the wonderful friend that I am, have to give her a ton of crap. Of course, she throws it right back at me.
But her appreciation for floral goes beyond scents and into decor. Again, I am not a fan. The 70's left-thankfully. I mean, floral print everything and disco? *shudder*
This year I was trying to think of birthday gifts that are a little more personal, and a little less 'gift card off the local grocery store disp…