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Embrace It

"Embrace the glorious mess that you are." ~Elizabeth Gilbert

I can't believe August is already here. This summer seems to be going faster than usual. Normally it feels as if it will never end because it's sooooo hot and miserable. I just keep reminding myself it's loads better than snow, slush, ice, and bitter, wet, cold that sinks into your bones and won't let go.
But summer in Arizona has me feeling like a veritable shut-in. I get cabin fever and it makes me bored and restless and not a little blue.
I try to keep my mind busy by doing a lot of reading, art, video games, writing, but there comes a point where even that stuff doesn't fulfill me during those long hot summer days. It's too much energy to get all the supplies out for whatever artistic endeavor I want to attempt. Or, running the computer is a heat source that quickly raises the temperature of the area in which it is used. Reading is good, but it isn't long before my eyes begin demandi…